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  • OVAL 24 - 24% vol. Alc. The lightest alternative, and the favorite drink of Russian aristocrats.The aroma of the grain, particularly pleasant, is immediately convincing.With its subtle taste of grain, and incomparably mite and morbid on the palate.OVAL 24 and an extremely interesting beverage.

  • OVAL 42 - 42% Vol. Alc. The caratter of grain and riconoscibile is at the bottom of the palate.The flavor and a lot of particulars, with a very thin broth.OVAL 42 I gave you a great pleasure.

  • OVAL ROWAN BERRY 42 - 42% vol. Alc. Rowan Berry combines the incomparable, natural aroma of berry with the taste of OVAL.The fruit is given a sufficient time to transfer the flavour to vodka 42%.The natural taste of the bery and 'preserved without sugar and without added aromi.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items