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  • El Dorado Luxury Cask Aged - 12 Years Old An International Gold Medal Winner with a golden character.An elegant multi-award winning rum, El Dorado 12 Year Old typifies the smooth mellow sweetness of Demerara Rums . Savour it straight, on the rocks or in a classic Mai Tai cocktail.

  • El Dorado Luxury Cask Aged - 15 Years Old - The Caribbean’s Premier Rum – year on year Long acknowledged as the Caribbean’s premier rum, continuously winning major awards over the past decade, El Dorado 15 Year Old Special Reserve is viewed as a fine, cognac-like rum possessing the most intriguing and complex character in its class. Perfect for long...

  • El Dorado Luxury Cask Aged - 21 Years Old “A monumental aged rum that is one of the world’s greatest rum drinking experiences”That is how the Beverage Tasting Institute of Chicago summed up their appreciation of El Dorado 21 Year Old Special Reserve. Designed for true rum connoisseurs its warm subtlety is best savoured slowly on its own – and shared with...

  • El Dorado Luxury Cask Aged - 25 Years Old A very limited edition for the connoisseur who appreciates the best in the world of spirits.An extremely rare creature and a rare experience to savour. Created to mark the turn of the millennium, 25 Year Old Vintage Reserve is presented in an appropriately distinctive decanter to treasure or to give with pleasure.

  • El Dorado Cask Aged - 3 Years Old -A fine award-winning Cask Aged White Rum This superbly balanced mixing rum is twice filtered through natural charcoal for great clarity and purity, then aged for at least 3 years in 45 gallon ex-bourbon oak casks.

  • El Dorado Cask Aged - 5 Years Old -A fine award-winning Cask Aged White Rum This remarkably developed and complex medium-aged rum has a distinctive delicate taste and is aged for a minimum of 5 years in bourbon oak barrels.

  • El Dorado Cask Aged - 8 Years Old - An exceptional medium bodied Cask Aged premium amber Rum. This superb recent addition to the El Dorado portfolio is the result of the skillful marriage by our Master Blenders of aged rums from no fewer than four of the traditional Stills preserved by Demerara Distillers, including the original Wooden Coffey Still from...

  • El Dorado Connoisseur EHP A rare single-distillate heritage rum linked to the old Enmore Estate founded nearly 200 years ago.EHP was the marque used by the distillery attached to this sugar estate founded by Edward Henry Porter. His original Wooden Continuous Coffey Still, used to produce this unique rum, is the last surviving one operating in the world...

  • El Dorado Connoisseur PM A rare single-distillate heritage rum linked to the Port Mourant Estate, one of the oldest in the world.PM was the signature marque used to identify rums from this estate, founded in 1732.

  • El Dorado Connoisseur ICBU A rare single-distillate heritage rum linked to the eighteenth century Uitvlugt Estate.This estate on the Demerara River lends its ICBU Marque to this superb small batch rum. Its original continuous four column French Savalle Still continues to be used to produce this special rum.

  • El Dorado Superior Dark Rum -A sophisticated and versatile Dark Rum mixer This award-winning lightly aged rum has the smooth strength and full bodied taste to appeal equally to both the traditional rum drinker and today’s young adventurous breed of rum discoverers – afloat or ashore.

  • El Dorado Superior White Rum -A superior light, dry white rum – the “White Gold of Guyana” This award-winning lightly aged rum is refined and blended to a smooth perfection, imparting a delicate subtlety of balanced flavours with an exotic freshness.

Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items